Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Had a great Memorial Day weekend...loved having Monday off! We went to the lake and got to see Ashley, Ms. Amy, Alison, Landon, Hal, Sarah, Von, Gloria, Andy, Gran, and my parents.  Great kick off to summer!
 This was so fun....when Alison and I hit Ashley's back, Landon would really smile at that!
 A boat ride at night to the The Dock...on Hal and Sarah's new boat.
 Dad and Bailey riding jet skis...Bailey has on her new life jacket.
 We got some sun!
 We visited Mama and I found hawaiian lays (sp?) and we wore them!
 Day time boat rides, Bailey sat up front to tan!
 The 3 pirates in the boat.
 We took Carrie Eckel's engagement photos, hopefully she will like one of them!
This is me, the photographer!
Can't believe it's June 1st! That means it is my birthday month!!! I am excited!!!! :)

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