Wednesday, April 27, 2011

been way too long!

so finally...I post.  Tim came home from Michigan for 2 weeks! No weekend home. Ugh, I missed him!  But I feel like a survivor for making it.  And I did!  Poor Tim, he got home and we immediately went to Clarkesville, GA...near Helen.  We were given use of a cabin for free there, and this is the only weekend that could work.  So, he came in ready to be home and it was raining outside, it would have been a great night for movie and hanging around.  After we got there, though, the weekend was pretty good. We did a lot of hiking...and seeing really cool things that are in GA.  blows my mind.
   Then another week went by, but a week so much better b/c he was home! Then Easter weekend.  On Good Friday, we went to Good Friday Atlanta at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre in Alpharetta--Louie Giglio spoke and Chris Tomlin and Cristy Nockels led worship. It was a neat experience...we were sitting on the lawn on blankets.  The only thing was it was COLD.!!!!  We weren't really dressed for winter either. 
  Saturday am I worked, Tim took me and picked me up so we could get to Greenville quickly.  We did!  We made great time.  Then we got ready for a shower for Micah and Kris having a baby boy.  It turned out to be a great party!!! We had a good crowd. We got to sit out on the back porch, and the weather was perfect! 
  Sunday, Easter.  Went to church, came home lunch with Hal, Sarah, Mama, Gran, and my parents.  Then a visit with Rebecca, STeve, Peyton, Ms Amy, and Alison....and then a visit with Sarah, Londa, David, and DAvid's little girl Olivia.  I really really enjoyed taking pictures of her! Then, stopped by Reynolds for supper and some visiting. Then home to Johns Creek and to BED RIGHT AWAY! 

    This weekend is Coleman's wedding!  We are really looking forward to it!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

a great few days

Last Wednesday after work, I headed to Greenville.  For 2 full days of wonderful Greenville and people there I love. Wednesday night I started with dinner with some girls I used to work with at Greenville First at Guadalajara downtown! Good catching up.  Then, went to my parents and we watched The Kennedy's mini series that has been on all week. Then bed. 
  Thursday, up and coffee. I took a walk in Wellington favorite place to walk!  Then, went by my old house on Havenhurst....I haven't been since we moved....and don't want to go back.  I wanted to cut some hydrangeas from the backyard, but they weren't ready.  But seeing that house empty without us in it was sure sad. I loved that house and we made so many good memories in it.  Then I had a dentist appointment.  Then, stopped by Augusta Rd Greenville First where I used to work to see my favorite, Karen!  And of course the other girls there I loved seeing.  So stayed there a good while, and we were cracking up when Brenda got there! Karen and I were going back and forth between her office and Brenda's! Then, ran by some stores, then home for the sun for 30 minutes. Pivotal Fitness for my favorite class there, Body Pump, with my favorite teacher, Juli!  She makes that class so fun I love it.  She worked us out hard too! And they had changed the class to only 45 minutes, and she still worked us hard!  I felt so special at the gym running into all these people I used to see weekly.  I LOVED being at the gym and knowing people and talking to them.  I JUST LOVED IT.  I have really been enjoying Atlanta lateley too, but boy was it great being in my old stompin grounds! 
  Thursday night, I had my besties over for dinner at my parents.  And the fun continued.  We literally laughed so are there to prove it.  We had an old box of notes between me and Ashley too, so that was funny to look back through. 
  Friday, woke up, took one last great walk in WG....then to Laurens with my mom to see my grandmother.  Mama was a little on the crazy side during our visit, thinks she lives in several rooms at her assisted living place....but we took her out with us to shop for a bit.  Then brought her back and it was so sad leaving her, b/c she says she is so lonely...and I get that with Tim being gone!
    Then, my parents and I headed back to Atlanta at about 6....that is THE time to drive back was smooth, no traffic, and we got home about hungry, so ate and watched the Kennedy's from the night before.  Saturday I had to work! But when I got off, my mom and I went to Scott's Antique Market that I'd heard so much was very cool and big! then we stopped by Ikea and got cool stuff for our porch and came home and decorated it! I LOVE it. ....I plan to sit out there a lot.  I can't wait to have cocktail hour with Tim out there. My parents and I sat out there late Saturday night with wine and we had the candles going! It was so nice outside with a little breeze.
  This am, went to church with my parents.  Then to lunch at the Viatmanese place, then Goodwill for shopping. I got a great chair for our room too.  Then my mom and I layed out in the sun.
  Great weekend.  See pictures below.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Left to Right: Deb, me, Beth, Amanda, Teresa, Ashley

 highlight: Beth.  Beth is married to Pete.  They live in Norcross right near the bank location I'm located. Beth is from Athens, GA.  She is the nicest girl.  She always asks genuinely how work is, how things are, etc.  And she is helping to make plans with me this week while Tim is gone, Pete is gone too.  Beth grew up on a farm.  She and her family grew up going to Jekyl (sp?) Island for vacation every summer. I look forward to talking to her each week.  I like her outfit in this picture too, reminds me of Ann Taylor Loft and spring time!  Beth is in school to be a nurse, which she will be great at with her caring heart and intelligence.  I have truly enjoyed getting to know her.
one of the boys! Tim, Ron, the back Frank and Ken

 Hiking at Blood Mountain near Blairsville! Love that name! hahah...except you need the "e" on there!

to a new week! here we go!

small group get together

Back to Friday night!  We went to Deb and Ken's house, which is so so nice!  They have a wine cellar that is really cool.  And this great house for entertaining...we were down in the basement, which was as big as our apartment. Ha!  True though.  We had the best time, we brought appetizers, some brought dessert, and Ken and Deb got us pizza and wine/beer, and we had good salad.  We really enjoyed talking to girls! Tim and boys played pool, talked, and enjoyed the wood shop Ken has!  Here are pictures from our night--the dogwood in their backyard is great.  I  plan to park in her driveway and walk! This is my kind of neighborhood, with some very pretty homes! 
   Saturday, Tim and I woke up and Tim made breakfast--eggs, grits, bacon! Wow Tim, and it was good!  Then, we headed to Blairsville, GA (or right near it?) and hiked Blood Mountain.  Great, hard hike that makes for a great workout and definitely has great views at the top!  And it is partly on the Appalachian Trail, so we saw some people who looked like they were really on the AT hiking! Then, on our way back, we stopped and went in a few antique stores in Dahlongea (my spelling might be wrong)--very cute little downtown.  Then, stopped at the outlets in Dawsonville, and then we were so hungry and tired, we went straight to eat.  We ate at  5 Seasons--which we ate at the first weekend we  were here when we were moving in in November...we are crazy for waiting so long to go back! it was SO good.  I got the black bean burger, with a grilled green tomato on top, with spicy mayo they made, and sweet potato fries!  Tim got the beef braised quesadillas! They were both REALLY good. I had some wonderful Chardonnay too, and Tim had a spring beer they made.  Then, came home, I caught up on Grey's and Private Practice...and Tim packed for Michigan, BOO.

Here I am about to watch church online, and hoping for some sunny weather today and some laying out! Woohoo! is taking way too long to get pics uploaded, so will do that later today! I will highlight Beth too!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

my wine cups

a little post about my wine cups. I thought about this last night as we were hanging out with our small group.  I took my wine in a cup from home, like anyone who knows me well knows I do, and they offered me a wine glass at their house, and asked again are you sure you're ok with that cup?  Ha ha, but yes, infact I am perfectly content with my cups!  So I will post a picture below for you to enjoy.  And I will tell you about my cups.  And I love to pick different ones to use for different days, occasions, reasons, outfits, etc!
Left to right:
1.Black, new one I just got at Target b/c I thought it would be perfect if I was trying to conceal what was in my cup! And it just had a dressier look to it. 
2.The one right in front of that, clear with florals...that is the original. This is what did it for me and I got hooked.  I got this at Target on sale, and thought Chardonnay in the spring/summer would look so good in this cup. And I was right! It's perfect.  Last night I used it for red wine, but was feeling spring like. 
3. This one is kind of hidden behind #2, not on purpose....colorful flowers and clear cup...given to me by my best friend, Ashley.  Because she knows me! She knows I loved different little cups to travel with my wine.  She gave this to me for my birthday last year.  I love it. And especially b/c it makes me think she knows me!
4. Give Thanks cup.  It says that incase you can't read it.  I got this at Swoozie's last year around Thanksgiving to be my Thanksgiving cup.  The great thing about having a cup is you don't get your wine confused with anyone's!  And the brown on this cup goes with all fall I will love having it for more fall events this year. 
5. This is my "Castaways" cup---this is a group of girls from Greenville First that got together and called themselves the Castaways, our get togethers would have wine and gossip (bad, I know)and food...good times.  So I got them this cup too right before I moved. It says "I'd quit drinking, but I'm no quitter!" And has this old hag like woman on the cup!  I use this a lot, and most of the time when I use it, I feel kind of like I want a drink and I look and feel like a hag. hahah
6.  The "B" cup, got this around Christmas at Swoozie's, so it became my Christmas and winter cup and will now continue to be that. It's like perfume I used in certain seasons, and then they forever go with that season..same with my cups. 
7.  The pink hottie cup. It says "It's wine o'clock"!  My other great friend, Ashley Young, gave me this cup before we moved, b/c she knew me! I always came to supper club with my wine in a cup, so she knew I'd love one.  I use this one when I am feeling especially sassy or feel like I need some color to go with an outfit.  And it always makes me happy to think of Ashley!  And oh how I miss our supper clubs!

More on our great small group get together Friday night!
oh yea, and one thing to add to Deb's highlight:  she loves Jimmy Buffett!!!! she's in with me!  And to quote her, she said " jImmy Buffett saved me!"  I know, sounds bad b/c Jesus saves us, and Deb believes that too, but Jimmy's music can lift a spirit that's for sure!