Monday, February 28, 2011

Our hike with new friends was great! I was so excited when we got home last night, and then also had a good phone conversation with my friend, Katy, in Greenville...good end to the day. 
  We did this great hike, it was hard at the same time as fun, and a great view at the top.  It was Sawnee Mountain Preserve.  And as we were hiking it was just cool, I walked by the wife, and Tim walked by the husband of the couple we were with--so good opportunity for good conversation. We both decided we really like this couple, one of the coolest things about them is they are just perfectly confident on where they are in life, at least that is how they seem.  They don't have children, and it is just something they want/feel that God has in their plan, and I think that is neat.  And the guy is an author!  I actually saw him speak when I was in college.  He wrote a book called Dating with passion (or something like that!! ooops!)---his name is Rob Eager.  Her's is Ashley.  Very cool couple. Then we ate dinner at this cuban restaurant in our apartment complex area, and it was pretty good. We sat outside, and it got chilly at the end when the wind started picking up, but for the most part it was really nice sitting outside, welcoming Spring! 
  Here are some pictures to enjoy of our hike.  And see our friends!
 At this point, we were going pretty up hill, so very glad to take a breath and take a picture! haha

 And there were tons of farmhouses down there, and we passed them driving home, so I plan to go back and photograph them!!!!  happy monday! weather here was monday like, dark and rainy! blah.  Looking forward to the weekend, going to the lake with Tim's sister, Liz and her boyfriend. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

recap of week/weekend

It's been a good, long feeling week.  Started at BB&T, at my branch, which is VERY busy. Which is a good thing, the day goes by really fast.  And, good thing b/c it makes my day feel fulfilling.  BUT, also makes me tired! I had to work today too--Saturday---BOOO!  And I was supposed to be off at 1, and we didn't get out of there until 2, big time boo.....SO, my sweet Tim, who had already run 12 miles this am, took me for a hike, to get fresh air and sunshine on my face.
  We went to Kennesaw Mountain again, but this time did a cool hike that overlooks Atlanta, cool views.  And it was pretty much all up hill at first, then you get to the top and go down hill, so great workout. But, I depleted that by eating so much pizza we got tonight!! BUt it sure was good! 
   Tomorrow we have plans to go to church, eat leftovers for lunch, and then hike with a couple in our small group! Really excited about that.  Hope it goes well and we can really connect.
  Also, we get a new dryer tomorrow, so I can wash clothes again!  It's funny too b/c I just very recently wrote I was thankful for being able to just wash a small load of just whites, and haha, right after that, my dryer broke! But Tim has taken care of it, and has another one coming! Woooohooo...
 Friday night before dinner at Abbott's Bar & Grill, very close to us! good food.

 The skyline you could see on our hike. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

ok i just wrote a whole post, lost internet in the middle and i am so frustrated right now it isn't even funny.

so, i will try again to put my pictures up and will write one line below each one, that is all i feel like doing at this point. 
 Fri night of weekend, Sarah came and went to Pat Green with us!  It was at Buckhead Theatre, cool place.
 Sat. at lake with Micah & Kris before Coleman's Stock the Bar party in Columbia. They spent the night after, and we had a great breakfast together Sunday morning before they left.
 Really enjoy taking pictures, so Sunday afternnon took some pictures!

 We said days at the lake in the winter are like snow days! You just want to eat! So we went to closest store to lake, Dollar General--and stocked up! We decided to take a picture to show how bad we were and how crazy we went!
This was today, Monday(I had off for President's Day, Tim took off), we sat on the pier and let the sun hit our faces!  It was a little windy still, but the sun was really warm and nice.  We enjoyed our coffee out there before heading home.  We stopped in Seneca for a lunch with Tim's parents, and got some chicken salad from the Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe in Seneca--the best chicken salad ever!  Looking forward to eating that this week!

I finished training with BB&T, and tomorrow starts my first real week with them. I am really anxious about everything! 

Happy Week to everyone!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

GOOD day

Today was a great day!! Tim came up with a great idea---to take me to Chateau Elan in Braselton, GA.  We had the best day! Woke up early, got our workout in, took showers, had to go the DMV--booo---to get my GA driver's license (got Tim's last night, so long of a story)---then, headed to Braselton.  We ran into Jeffrey's parents, Jean and Keith! And they were spending the night, so we got to see their room, nice rooms.  Then, we all went to the wine tasting  and enjoyed it so much. Then, Tim and I went to a little place called Paddy's (I think) on the Chateau Elan campus, and then went across the street a bit to eat at Houndstooth Grill.  YUM.  So, here are some pictures to enjoy of our lovely day, that I don't want to end.

Tim sure is a great husband.

 Keith, Jean, and Tim

 I tasted and liked, so got a glass of this: Georgia Chardonnay, cool name. 
This is taken on our tour of the winery..and then I played around with the color on picnik. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

one more thing today

These guys are the best! Today was my last day at Roam, where I have been working since we moved to GA.  It is a great place and a great idea and there are great people working there. These 2 happen to be my favorite. I call them MY BOYS.  Cliff, on the left, is hilarious.  He makes me laugh all the time!  He does a noise for Simba from the Lion King that is so so funny.  And he is just kind of a weird guy, so that makes him funny.  He made my days good.
  The one on the right is Rob...also a great guy. We had a lot of fun working together too. Both of them would help me with something in a heartbeat.  Rob has recently rekindled his relationship with Jesus, and it is beautiful to watch him do this and talk about it.  It reminds me of how we should be everyday, but that we are usually only at the beginning of our walk.  And Rob is only 23 and he goes to church and SUNDAY SCHOOL by himself every Sunday. That is awesome. Because sometimes to get things or relationships, we really have to put ourselves out there, and he does that. 
  So, I will miss these 2! OH, and Rob was going, wait is going to one day, be my vegetable farmer, so we can grow fresh veggies!  Looking forward to that!


I LOVE outfits. I dream about outfits when waiting at a redlight, laying in the tanning bed, or trying to fall asleep.  So, there is a blog I just found out about  and you should check it out!  This girl takes a picture everyday of her outfit and tells you how to get it at normal stores and pretty normal prices.  So...I love taking a picture before we go just about anywhere, and most of the time it is just so I can have a record of my outfits.  These are outfits that I like, you don't have to like them. I am not in style or cool, but just like some of the things I wear. So, I might post some from time to time. Here are some recents, since I found this girl's blog and felt that was permission for me to do this!!
 Ok, this one:  Target jeans that are actually more capri's, I just tucked them in my boots, Sweater from Target...will be great for spring/early summer when it might be chilly. And the black shirt, a girl at work gave me!! And I love it and it fit perfectly!
 This I wore to our small group. And I loved it.  SAme jeans and boots, and I have worn this wrap many times (my aunt gave it to my mom for Christmas and I loved it so much, I stole it!) --but this time I put a belt around it.  Loved that touch.
I wore this today to work! I love, love this dress and haven't gotten to wear it that much.  I got it at the Upstate Women's show in August in Greenville.  I saw this girl walking around in it and told my mom I have got to get that dress. So, the Safe Harbor Resale shop did a fashion show and the girl wore this in it!! It was donated by a boutique like store, Euphoria, and I got it there at the show for only $20!!!! So very fun dress and want to wear it to a Clemson game next year...meant to this year.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

   So, found a picture of Robert Earl Keen performing from 2009.  It was on Tim's phone, so I touched it up a little! I love it! And I LOVE his face in this picture, it is just so him smiling and singing. And, it gets me so excited to see Pat Green--we are going to see him at Buckhead Theatre Feb. 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Funnnn! 
   Also this picture of REK is at the Handlebar, which is by far my favorite place to see him.  Of course I have only seen him there and at the Blind Horse Saloon, but didn't enjoy  him at Blind Horse nearly as much as the times before at the Handlebar. 
    Tonight is our first Small group meeting with our new group from North Point Church! I am so excited, and nervous. But really ready to have some friends here and some kind of a group and sense of belonging within that group! And we are having tacos! Yum...and I am bringing dessert! It is Kris's recipe of Brownie Triffle! I should make this more often, it is easy, and so delicious! And looks pretty too when you put it in some kind of clear dish or triffle dish.
   To make Brownie Triffle: make box of brownies, can be your choice, but fudgy is best!
                                          make 2 small boxes of chocolate pudding, set in fridge
                                          container whip cream
                                          Heath bar bits(or could really put anything here!)

         Crumble brownies in bottom of dish, then layer of chocolate pudding, then whip cream, then heath bar bits. Repeat layers once more. Put in fridge for at least 4 hours to chill, but if you do it the night before, works great to just put in fridge overnight.
     Ok, now you can see my 2 variations of REK---and pick your favorite if you like!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

my try at polyvore....ignore the things on the right, those aren't my picks.

Untitled by breynolds featuring gap shorts
love love this outfit. makes me want some summer.
I couldn't figure out how to remove the things on the right. but imagine the stuff on the left!!!! oh yea, and those boots are so cool, and obviously so, they are $700!!!!!!!!! wow!