Monday, February 21, 2011

ok i just wrote a whole post, lost internet in the middle and i am so frustrated right now it isn't even funny.

so, i will try again to put my pictures up and will write one line below each one, that is all i feel like doing at this point. 
 Fri night of weekend, Sarah came and went to Pat Green with us!  It was at Buckhead Theatre, cool place.
 Sat. at lake with Micah & Kris before Coleman's Stock the Bar party in Columbia. They spent the night after, and we had a great breakfast together Sunday morning before they left.
 Really enjoy taking pictures, so Sunday afternnon took some pictures!

 We said days at the lake in the winter are like snow days! You just want to eat! So we went to closest store to lake, Dollar General--and stocked up! We decided to take a picture to show how bad we were and how crazy we went!
This was today, Monday(I had off for President's Day, Tim took off), we sat on the pier and let the sun hit our faces!  It was a little windy still, but the sun was really warm and nice.  We enjoyed our coffee out there before heading home.  We stopped in Seneca for a lunch with Tim's parents, and got some chicken salad from the Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe in Seneca--the best chicken salad ever!  Looking forward to eating that this week!

I finished training with BB&T, and tomorrow starts my first real week with them. I am really anxious about everything! 

Happy Week to everyone!

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  1. i had yesterday off, too. hope your first "real" day went well!