Friday, February 4, 2011

one more thing today

These guys are the best! Today was my last day at Roam, where I have been working since we moved to GA.  It is a great place and a great idea and there are great people working there. These 2 happen to be my favorite. I call them MY BOYS.  Cliff, on the left, is hilarious.  He makes me laugh all the time!  He does a noise for Simba from the Lion King that is so so funny.  And he is just kind of a weird guy, so that makes him funny.  He made my days good.
  The one on the right is Rob...also a great guy. We had a lot of fun working together too. Both of them would help me with something in a heartbeat.  Rob has recently rekindled his relationship with Jesus, and it is beautiful to watch him do this and talk about it.  It reminds me of how we should be everyday, but that we are usually only at the beginning of our walk.  And Rob is only 23 and he goes to church and SUNDAY SCHOOL by himself every Sunday. That is awesome. Because sometimes to get things or relationships, we really have to put ourselves out there, and he does that. 
  So, I will miss these 2! OH, and Rob was going, wait is going to one day, be my vegetable farmer, so we can grow fresh veggies!  Looking forward to that!

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