Friday, January 28, 2011

Things I believe in:
(spurred by The college of Health, Education, and Human Development's quarterly magazine sent to me---talking about PRTM -Parks, Recreation, Toursim Management-my degree from Clemson---and the opportunity for a doctoral program on the study of play and it's value in modern society.....all about an iniative "no child left inside")

Spinach and all things green and leafy
Being outside, getting fresh air and sun on your skin
Good friends and relationships
Red wine
Being Genuine
The power of prayer

I am so glad I graduated in PRTM, even if I am not using that degree. What I learned was actually interesting and actually valuable to life in general. I had fun and learned a lot in that department.  So no regrets there.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here's a recipe we had Monday night...and it turned out pretty good!

Broccoli Stir Fry:
Broccoli--I used a steamable bag
Shredded Carrots  (I bought a bag of carrots, snow pod peas, and some broccoli together)
1 cup Vegetable broth
1 tbsp. light brown sugar
lime juice
2 tbsp sweet chili sauce ( i bought in oriental isle with those sauces)
2 tbsp peanut butter( instead of the nuts below, i just used crunchy peanut butter)
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp. ginger
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 tsp. dark sesame oil (found on oriental isle also)
chopped peanuts

I just put all this in pan on stove and cooked until the vegetables were tender and then put the vegetables over rice. I also sprinkled toasted sesame seeds on top.  It was very tasty!  I have no memory of where I found this, so I can't give credit. It might have been Southern Living's emails I get?!  It was also quick, so if you are looking for some good veggies for a quick night, try this!
 I love, love, love this picnik website!!!! We have been passing this farm since we moved ---and I have been wanting a picture. Well, picnik motivated me after work to go back to take a picture!  And then I used picnik to make it better!   The first 3 are the ones after, the bottom 2 are the original. Wow! 

I would love to see your pictures you change on picnik!  Share with me!  And teach me things you know that I might not know!!  Half way to the weekend! I know it's bad when I live for the weekend....but I do --I love Fridays and Saturdays!

Monday, January 24, 2011

2 posts in one day is probably a really bad sign. of boredom. oh well.

I used to change some pictures, very cool.  This is just my start, I hope to get really good at changing them!
I'll try not to post again today.  Maybe I will do some facebook.

monday, monday

  Another Monday!  Another week! And I am tired from a busy weekend!  Friday night, went through Seneca, then to downtown Greer for my friend, Ashley's birthday! The Piedmont Boys were playing, and I loved them!!! They do use some bad language in their breaks, but they are so good at the same time.  And anytime a song talks about cocaine for some reason, I love it. I don't promote cocaine or use it or think in any way that it is okay.  But, I like it when songs use that word.  Cigarettes have the same effect. Whiskey too.  I am bad.
   Then went to bed late Friday b/c they were so much fun, and had to get up early to be at the Eastside YMCA for Group Exercise Instructor Training!!!!!!!!!  Which means, I am certified again to be an aerobics instructor, yay!  I am going to be on the sub list here in Alpharetta at their Y.  Maybe one day, I will have my own hour and name on the schedule.
   Then, my mom's birthday dinner --sushi! and Chardonnay.  And then my grandmother's pound cake and icing recipe!  That cake takes some time to make, and this is only my 3rd time to make it, and finally, I think I have it down!  First time, it was dry.  So, 2nd time, my friends -Ashley & Alison helped me, and it was good!  But, we had to make some tweaks to the recipe from my grandmother's mouth, and this 3rd time on my own, it was tough to remember and get it right! I had to check with Ashley! 
   Sunday, we woke up early enough to get to Sunday school with our old class and friends! so so good to be there.  Although, I think they are glad I'm not there anymore, I am kind of distracting.  I just get so excited with all my friends in a room and I feed off of it!
  Here I am today at work, and heard the craziest thing from Tim today.  The marketing rep. in Columbia, SC isn't going to be with the company anymore. How about that timing?  We go all the way to GA to be a marketing rep, and just 2 months after moving, there will be a SC position open.  So, I am feeling very confident in my position in Atlanta.  But also feeling in shock that I could have just moved an hour and a half down the road, and attended burger night at Sherry's(Tim's aunt), and just transferred with my job.  I thought of some words in Bebo Norman's songs:
The Hammer Holds
" I have my shape, this sharpened point, what is my purpose now?
And the question still remains, what am I to be? future is untold.....This task before me may seem unclear  But it, my maker holds"

In Your Hands
  "Because my heart and my hopes
    Are in your hands
   If I dont seem certain
   Its just a common fear
   From a common man
   But Im in your hands
   So dont you turn away from me
   Because my heart and my hopes
   Are in your hands"

 So, if God makes this, how much more does He hold my future and my life?  This was the moon Friday.

Here's to another week!

Friday, January 21, 2011

a tribute to a friend!

Last night in the middle of the night, I was awake from having to get up to go to the bathroom! Boo! So, somehow this whole memory came to me from when my cousin, Cal died. It is an example of good and real friendship.  So here's to Sarah.
  So, Cal dies and my parents and I had gone to Hal and Sarah's.  Sarah calls late morning and we talk...she says she is coming if that's what I want and if I don't mind. I say of course, not even knowing how much it would actually mean.  She says her mom told her "you've got to go down there and just be her friend, you will be there for her and take care of her b/c everyone else will have Hal, Sarah, etc to take care of."  Also, didn't know how true that was. So, on her way, Sarah calls to say do I need anything or want anything, food, etc?    Well, up to this point, early afternoon, I hadn't eaten anything. You know that sick feeling of not wanting any food, none of it would satisfy.  Well, I decided I really wanted pizza...a Little Caesar's pizza, she said she'd get me one.  Well, sidenote: Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets arrived and those fit my needs! I ate pretty much that for a couple of days. But point is--Sarah was going to get me my little caesar's pizza!
  So, she comes and then everything that went on in the next few days: people coming to visit, the visitation, setting up funeral plans, the funeral, just sitting around in shock, sleeping...she was there.  And looking back that meant so so much.  Imagine me sleeping all by myself (I mean I probably would have gotten through it), but how nice I didn't have to do it alone. She was there to talk to before bed, and there when I woke up.  I can remember just sitting on the bed in the room we stayed in in the middle of one afternoon...and I wasn't alone because my best friend Sarah was there. And of course, my sweet little dog Chrisi was there.
   About Chrisi--that dog was the best! She knew when someone was hurting, she was always my little comforter.  But during the first night sleeping at Hal and Sarah's, when I feel like I am needing her, she got out of my bed(unheard of) in the middle of the night and walks to my Aunt Sarah's bed and gets in the bed with them! And it meant something of comfort to Sarah too! How great is that little dog! But thank goodness for me, I had my friend Sarah still with me.
  So visitation day: Sarah and I get ready together, drive together.  She let me wear one of her new shirts.  She was there through the whole visitation--which was oh so long and sad. Then to bed, and funeral the next day. Same thing, Sarah was there for it all. And it just felt good to have someone there for me. And, Sarah is kind of "huggy" and I am not really. So there were times, and are now that she hugs on me and says I'm so stiff and won't hug back right...true, but even though I am not doing a good job hugging back, it means a lot you are hugging me, Sarah. Thanks for being there.

  One other note that is just important that I also remember clearly, her mom said after the funeral back at the house: she said "so what are you going to do next?" (im thinking what?!) She quoted Elisabeth Elliott "Do the next thing"....whatever that is....go to work, walk the dog, move on with life in the best way possible. Don't dwell on the bad.
  To another friend: Ashley, Rebecca, Amy, & Alison were significant to me in this time.  They were on the phone, at the visitation, funeral, and back at the house. I remember Rebecca in line scared to see Cal. I remember Ms. Amy brought me a goody bag of snacks for the long line of people to visit. Thanks to all for being great people in my life.

You know the country song, "These are my people"!..Well apparently one day, that was on the radio, and I started getting into it and telling Tim, that's right these are my people, Ashley, Rebecca, Ms Amy, Sarah....haa, b/c he remembered it the other day when that song came on and I didn't even remember saying that.  But it's true!
this is us in Germany in 2006!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I just wanted to post this because it's pretty cool!!! My father-in-law and brother-in-law are in the Baptist Courier!  So follow this link to see!

And I have to say the picture of them is pretty darn good! Wonder who the photographer is?!!!! :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another great weekend!

Well, I have had the whole week off!  Thanks to our snow!  They brought in limited staff Thursday and Friday, so I didn't make the cut...fine with me!  Tim was off Monday and Tuesday, and had little work we have had a real snow-cation!  It has been  fun--there were times we were definitely ready to get out of the house! Thank goodness for our apartments having a gym, that provided an outlet!  We did a puzzle. We watched some movies. We played Guess Who-that one got boring and we quit.  I cleaned the whole apartment. We worked out. And played on facebook!  :)
 So here are some great snow pictures

Friday night, we went out to eat and Saturday night!! We were ready to go out! Saturday, we had planned to hike in the mountains, but thought since roads near us were still not cleared, we better not. So, we went to Sweet Water Creek State Park, in Lythia Springs. It took us about an hour to get there and it was oh so worth it. It was so neat walking in the snow in the woods. And everywhere you looked there was snow! It was so so pretty. We walked for over 2 miles and really enjoyed ourselves. Then, we went to the Sweetwater Brewery! We didn't take a tour, we will save that for someone who might come stay with us !:) But, we did have some beer---an IPA, Sch weat(get it?!). Blue, and 420.  Neat place, it was packed with college aged people, apparently that is the hang out on Saturday afternoons! Then, we ate Outback for supper! Fun and now we are full and want to feel thin and healthy again!   Not ready for another work week...but ready for tomorrow.  Going back to North Pointe--we love the music there and Andy Stanley. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

catching up!

So....We don't have internet at our house yet! So, I do this when I can! Tonight I finally have some internet!  Tim's family birthday dinner was great!  Everyone who was there said they had a great time.  We all enjoyed ourselves.  And Tim got some good birthday money! And beer!
So, then we sadly had to go back  to a work week!!!! There have been so many days off with the holidays, it was hard! But, lucky for me--I was in a wreck 5 years ago--not my fault--a lady hit a guy and then he hit me--so the guy in the middle car is suing the lady and I was a witness. Well, I didn't remember anything! I just told what I could.  But that meant I got off work Thursday and Friday to go to Greenville.  I didn't really tell anyone, but I did make plans with Chesley and Lauren from Greenville First.  We went to Chesley's and had pizza and wine! And had so much fun!  I Love these girls!

I love how they were just dancing like that--that was a natural picture...they were in their own world!
Friday, woke up and came back to GA--I had been wanting to make a little collage of pictures over my dresser, so worked on that. Then, got the apartment all cleaned up b/c KAREN and James were coming for Karen's birthday.  They got there around 7:15, we had a little pre-party, then had a shopping spree at Target, b/c James packed her things to surprise her and didn't pack her makeup!  Then dinner at Cheesecake Factory! We could barely move when we left, but we had fun!

Saturday afternoon, we wanted to go check out a few hiking trails I had googled.  I would say they didn't really turn out to be what we thought.  But, at least we got some exercise and took some cool pics of the Chattahoochee River!  Then after we were right near Roswell, so went downtown--so pretty there.  We have had dinner at The Salt Factory there right when we first moved with Jen and Mike and really enjoyed it. We went in this outdoor store, Go with the Flow, and these 2 nice guys working there told us about a good hike.  We plan to do that next weekend.  Then, we came home and made a homemade veggie pizza!  Very yummy!  I got the dough from Trader Joes--it's whole wheat and it was only .99cents! Sunday, we went to a trail nearby at the Autry Mill Nature Preserve. It was nice and woodsy, about 2 miles.  It had some educational things in it---the Indian Teepee you will see!

 love this boot and rocks and water one!!!
Now, we are getting ready for another work-week and hoping for snow so that work will be cancelled and we can play outside in the snow!!!! We had a great weekend just staying here in our new city.  Visited First Baptist Alpharetta today too, we are thinking North Pointe is still our top choice.  We will go there next Sunday and there is a way to get involved at the end of the month in a small group, so that will really help our decision.  LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW!!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve

Happy Birthday to Tim yesterday!  Tim is the best husband and person.  He makes everyday exciting for me--he is always happy and helpful.  He's a very hard worker at home and at work.  He provides well for our family.  He is a leader.   So, here's to wishing a great guy Happy Birthday!

So, for New Years Eve we went to Greenville.  We stopped by the bank---which was so fun to see all my friends I used to work with there.  And I could have stayed and talked to Karen forever! Thank goodness the Clemson game was on the TV so Tim was fine.  Then, we got ready for our evening.  We went to Ashley and Lucas' house for appetizers and then to Soby's to eat, then to the new bar in downtown Greenville--The Carolina Ale house. All of it was great and fun. Then we got back to the Youn'gs to watch the ball drop, then I could barely make it another minute and went to bed!!!  We woke up today and had breakfast Lucas cooked!  Then we went to Furman, which is really close to their house, Tim ran and I walked.  Then, had some traditional New Years food for lunch.. Tonight is Tim's family birthday party here at my parents! It's going to be fun--pizza, salad, and appetizers...and of course cake!  Will post pics of this later!

Happy New Year!  I'm excited about 2011---think it is going to be a good year! But, it is all what we make of life anyway.  Im hoping for a great new year!