Monday, January 24, 2011

monday, monday

  Another Monday!  Another week! And I am tired from a busy weekend!  Friday night, went through Seneca, then to downtown Greer for my friend, Ashley's birthday! The Piedmont Boys were playing, and I loved them!!! They do use some bad language in their breaks, but they are so good at the same time.  And anytime a song talks about cocaine for some reason, I love it. I don't promote cocaine or use it or think in any way that it is okay.  But, I like it when songs use that word.  Cigarettes have the same effect. Whiskey too.  I am bad.
   Then went to bed late Friday b/c they were so much fun, and had to get up early to be at the Eastside YMCA for Group Exercise Instructor Training!!!!!!!!!  Which means, I am certified again to be an aerobics instructor, yay!  I am going to be on the sub list here in Alpharetta at their Y.  Maybe one day, I will have my own hour and name on the schedule.
   Then, my mom's birthday dinner --sushi! and Chardonnay.  And then my grandmother's pound cake and icing recipe!  That cake takes some time to make, and this is only my 3rd time to make it, and finally, I think I have it down!  First time, it was dry.  So, 2nd time, my friends -Ashley & Alison helped me, and it was good!  But, we had to make some tweaks to the recipe from my grandmother's mouth, and this 3rd time on my own, it was tough to remember and get it right! I had to check with Ashley! 
   Sunday, we woke up early enough to get to Sunday school with our old class and friends! so so good to be there.  Although, I think they are glad I'm not there anymore, I am kind of distracting.  I just get so excited with all my friends in a room and I feed off of it!
  Here I am today at work, and heard the craziest thing from Tim today.  The marketing rep. in Columbia, SC isn't going to be with the company anymore. How about that timing?  We go all the way to GA to be a marketing rep, and just 2 months after moving, there will be a SC position open.  So, I am feeling very confident in my position in Atlanta.  But also feeling in shock that I could have just moved an hour and a half down the road, and attended burger night at Sherry's(Tim's aunt), and just transferred with my job.  I thought of some words in Bebo Norman's songs:
The Hammer Holds
" I have my shape, this sharpened point, what is my purpose now?
And the question still remains, what am I to be? future is untold.....This task before me may seem unclear  But it, my maker holds"

In Your Hands
  "Because my heart and my hopes
    Are in your hands
   If I dont seem certain
   Its just a common fear
   From a common man
   But Im in your hands
   So dont you turn away from me
   Because my heart and my hopes
   Are in your hands"

 So, if God makes this, how much more does He hold my future and my life?  This was the moon Friday.

Here's to another week!

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