Sunday, January 9, 2011

catching up!

So....We don't have internet at our house yet! So, I do this when I can! Tonight I finally have some internet!  Tim's family birthday dinner was great!  Everyone who was there said they had a great time.  We all enjoyed ourselves.  And Tim got some good birthday money! And beer!
So, then we sadly had to go back  to a work week!!!! There have been so many days off with the holidays, it was hard! But, lucky for me--I was in a wreck 5 years ago--not my fault--a lady hit a guy and then he hit me--so the guy in the middle car is suing the lady and I was a witness. Well, I didn't remember anything! I just told what I could.  But that meant I got off work Thursday and Friday to go to Greenville.  I didn't really tell anyone, but I did make plans with Chesley and Lauren from Greenville First.  We went to Chesley's and had pizza and wine! And had so much fun!  I Love these girls!

I love how they were just dancing like that--that was a natural picture...they were in their own world!
Friday, woke up and came back to GA--I had been wanting to make a little collage of pictures over my dresser, so worked on that. Then, got the apartment all cleaned up b/c KAREN and James were coming for Karen's birthday.  They got there around 7:15, we had a little pre-party, then had a shopping spree at Target, b/c James packed her things to surprise her and didn't pack her makeup!  Then dinner at Cheesecake Factory! We could barely move when we left, but we had fun!

Saturday afternoon, we wanted to go check out a few hiking trails I had googled.  I would say they didn't really turn out to be what we thought.  But, at least we got some exercise and took some cool pics of the Chattahoochee River!  Then after we were right near Roswell, so went downtown--so pretty there.  We have had dinner at The Salt Factory there right when we first moved with Jen and Mike and really enjoyed it. We went in this outdoor store, Go with the Flow, and these 2 nice guys working there told us about a good hike.  We plan to do that next weekend.  Then, we came home and made a homemade veggie pizza!  Very yummy!  I got the dough from Trader Joes--it's whole wheat and it was only .99cents! Sunday, we went to a trail nearby at the Autry Mill Nature Preserve. It was nice and woodsy, about 2 miles.  It had some educational things in it---the Indian Teepee you will see!

 love this boot and rocks and water one!!!
Now, we are getting ready for another work-week and hoping for snow so that work will be cancelled and we can play outside in the snow!!!! We had a great weekend just staying here in our new city.  Visited First Baptist Alpharetta today too, we are thinking North Pointe is still our top choice.  We will go there next Sunday and there is a way to get involved at the end of the month in a small group, so that will really help our decision.  LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW!!!!

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