Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Greensboro, NC

This weekend we went to my aunt and uncle's house in Greensboro, NC for my cousin's graduation.  We had a great time! We lauged, drank wine, sat on Margaret's awesome back porch, and ate really good food.  We watched home videos too! We highlighted Marjorie's hair.  We exercised on this cool trail that went through the woods--we ran--Tim, Emily, and then there was me lagging behind!  But it was fun and felt good!  Here are pictures to show our good times!

 marjorie being our mental cousin, Izzie.
 See me and Bailey outside the door waiting on the hair!

 we sat like this for forever...us way below Tim, laughing. Then Marjorie joined...you will see in  a few pics

Marjorie really liked slapping Tim. And she was using her English heritage and saying things like "bloody hell"...funny.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

drivin and bloggin..or ridin is more like it

We are on our way to Greenville to go to Greensboro, NC tomorrow for my cousin's college graduation party. Chris is graduating from Appalachian State University and Austin from UNC Charlotte.  We decided to go to small group and leave from there...not so sure how I feel about that right now, when I am ready to hit the pillow and close my eyes! I guess I could, BUT I always worry I need to stay awake to help make sure the driver is awake!  So, I got out my computer.  Rebecca told me it was time to blog! She is right.

Small group is good---been making more relationships there.  Tuesday night, we went to downtown Norcross to the farmers market with Beth and Pete. Then, ate at their favorite mexican restaurant. I can't remember the name of it, all I can remember is they call it "mexican heaven"! haa...they do have endless margaritas there! I don't really like those, so that isn't a pull for me. The farmers market was fun--it is always good to see the fresh vegetables! Both the Schemp's and us bought peaches! YUM. They are so good. I even made a salad for lunch yesterday and put them on it..very good!

Last night, we went to dinner again(yes, I feel unhealthy! too much eating out in the middle of the week! but worth it!) with Rob and Ashley.  Rob is celebrating that he is writing a book, and it is hopefully ( I say that just incase something falls through, pretty sure it's a done deal) going to get published!  So, they took us to Alpine Bakery---you would think that is just breads/sweets...it is BUT great italian food! And a cozy feeling restaurant! I don't know if I am spelling restuarant right?? I am getting tired. But, the food was great, then we got some amazing desserts--like a slice of cake was more than enough for 2 people in one sitting---and brought it back to our place for coffee and to eat it! Ashley showed me some tricks on photoshop too! 

Tonight, small group...and we started a new book called "The Forgotten God" by Francis Chan.  I really like it.  I don't know if you've ever read Crazy Love--my bible study in Greenville did that and we enjoyed it, but had a lot of drawbacks/thoughts we didn't know if we for sure agreed with about it..BUT so far in this book, I don't feel that way! so, at this point--one chapter in, hahaah---I recommend it.  We had great group discussion! It is all about how we forget the Holy Spirit...and how he is IN us and is here to be our counselor. And how Jesus tells the disciples it is BETTER for him to go away and for the spirit to be there, IN US. and he talks about how different we might be if we lived with the Holy Spirit leading us, moving in us, changing us.  We all agreed, we want this. We want the Holy Spirit, we want to be different than non believers, and we want to be like Jesus. There was a verse in Acts (?)---too dark in the car to pick up my book and find it----where Peter and John (also?) had been talking with Jesus and when the got done the people could tell and they were astonished... and the verse says it was so because they had been with Jesus.That was our prayer tonight, that we'd be that way.

The pics I have to add to keep you intersted are from last weekend. We had a long weekend in glorious Greenville! Downtown Alive Thursday night, Main St Jazz Friday and dinner with friends, Saturday shower for my cousin, Mollie, and engagement party for Tim's cousin, Lauren..., Sunday  church, great lunch and Ms Amy's and photography session of the beautiful child Landon. Then home to the ATL. Enjoy the pics and good night! i will try to do better Rebecca!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Birdhouses from Mother's Day

Seneca, South Carolina

 This is just a picture I took in February and I finally framed it.
I was trying to be creative.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So, I have been really bad at blogging lately.

WE just had a great weekend. Coleman got married to Kayce in Columbia.  Tim was in the wedding, so we were there for the whole weekend.  Great fun, good times, and great people.  We even got to go to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia before we left town Sunday!

Sunday, we stopped by Karen's to take pictures of her daughter, Kate.  I really enjoyed this...and was so glad she asked me to do it!  So, it also encouraged me to try to start this as a side thing for me. So if you read my blog, please use me for pictures!  I would love to take pictures of the new babies that are about to be born...and maybe Christmas card pictures...and of course, I need to get people to talk about me, so I will do this for free to get started. And...I saw this girl's one year old baby's pictures...so that would be a cool thing to do too!

Enjoy some pics to recap our weekend.

You can visit the blog I am working on making--www.blairereynoldsphotography.blogspot.com.