Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So, I have been really bad at blogging lately.

WE just had a great weekend. Coleman got married to Kayce in Columbia.  Tim was in the wedding, so we were there for the whole weekend.  Great fun, good times, and great people.  We even got to go to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia before we left town Sunday!

Sunday, we stopped by Karen's to take pictures of her daughter, Kate.  I really enjoyed this...and was so glad she asked me to do it!  So, it also encouraged me to try to start this as a side thing for me. So if you read my blog, please use me for pictures!  I would love to take pictures of the new babies that are about to be born...and maybe Christmas card pictures...and of course, I need to get people to talk about me, so I will do this for free to get started. And...I saw this girl's one year old baby's that would be a cool thing to do too!

Enjoy some pics to recap our weekend.

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  1. chris took me on a date to riverbanks zoo the first summer after we started dating! when he was co-oping in greenville and i was back at home in augusta. :) and by the way, i like your new hobby! i dream of a job where i love going to work!

  2. Blaire, You can take pics of Mac any day....I'm not good with the camera, so if you are in town, and want to practice, you are more than welcome to pracitce with him:)