Wednesday, April 27, 2011

been way too long!

so finally...I post.  Tim came home from Michigan for 2 weeks! No weekend home. Ugh, I missed him!  But I feel like a survivor for making it.  And I did!  Poor Tim, he got home and we immediately went to Clarkesville, GA...near Helen.  We were given use of a cabin for free there, and this is the only weekend that could work.  So, he came in ready to be home and it was raining outside, it would have been a great night for movie and hanging around.  After we got there, though, the weekend was pretty good. We did a lot of hiking...and seeing really cool things that are in GA.  blows my mind.
   Then another week went by, but a week so much better b/c he was home! Then Easter weekend.  On Good Friday, we went to Good Friday Atlanta at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre in Alpharetta--Louie Giglio spoke and Chris Tomlin and Cristy Nockels led worship. It was a neat experience...we were sitting on the lawn on blankets.  The only thing was it was COLD.!!!!  We weren't really dressed for winter either. 
  Saturday am I worked, Tim took me and picked me up so we could get to Greenville quickly.  We did!  We made great time.  Then we got ready for a shower for Micah and Kris having a baby boy.  It turned out to be a great party!!! We had a good crowd. We got to sit out on the back porch, and the weather was perfect! 
  Sunday, Easter.  Went to church, came home lunch with Hal, Sarah, Mama, Gran, and my parents.  Then a visit with Rebecca, STeve, Peyton, Ms Amy, and Alison....and then a visit with Sarah, Londa, David, and DAvid's little girl Olivia.  I really really enjoyed taking pictures of her! Then, stopped by Reynolds for supper and some visiting. Then home to Johns Creek and to BED RIGHT AWAY! 

    This weekend is Coleman's wedding!  We are really looking forward to it!

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