Sunday, April 3, 2011

small group get together

Back to Friday night!  We went to Deb and Ken's house, which is so so nice!  They have a wine cellar that is really cool.  And this great house for entertaining...we were down in the basement, which was as big as our apartment. Ha!  True though.  We had the best time, we brought appetizers, some brought dessert, and Ken and Deb got us pizza and wine/beer, and we had good salad.  We really enjoyed talking to girls! Tim and boys played pool, talked, and enjoyed the wood shop Ken has!  Here are pictures from our night--the dogwood in their backyard is great.  I  plan to park in her driveway and walk! This is my kind of neighborhood, with some very pretty homes! 
   Saturday, Tim and I woke up and Tim made breakfast--eggs, grits, bacon! Wow Tim, and it was good!  Then, we headed to Blairsville, GA (or right near it?) and hiked Blood Mountain.  Great, hard hike that makes for a great workout and definitely has great views at the top!  And it is partly on the Appalachian Trail, so we saw some people who looked like they were really on the AT hiking! Then, on our way back, we stopped and went in a few antique stores in Dahlongea (my spelling might be wrong)--very cute little downtown.  Then, stopped at the outlets in Dawsonville, and then we were so hungry and tired, we went straight to eat.  We ate at  5 Seasons--which we ate at the first weekend we  were here when we were moving in in November...we are crazy for waiting so long to go back! it was SO good.  I got the black bean burger, with a grilled green tomato on top, with spicy mayo they made, and sweet potato fries!  Tim got the beef braised quesadillas! They were both REALLY good. I had some wonderful Chardonnay too, and Tim had a spring beer they made.  Then, came home, I caught up on Grey's and Private Practice...and Tim packed for Michigan, BOO.

Here I am about to watch church online, and hoping for some sunny weather today and some laying out! Woohoo! is taking way too long to get pics uploaded, so will do that later today! I will highlight Beth too!

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