Sunday, April 10, 2011

a great few days

Last Wednesday after work, I headed to Greenville.  For 2 full days of wonderful Greenville and people there I love. Wednesday night I started with dinner with some girls I used to work with at Greenville First at Guadalajara downtown! Good catching up.  Then, went to my parents and we watched The Kennedy's mini series that has been on all week. Then bed. 
  Thursday, up and coffee. I took a walk in Wellington favorite place to walk!  Then, went by my old house on Havenhurst....I haven't been since we moved....and don't want to go back.  I wanted to cut some hydrangeas from the backyard, but they weren't ready.  But seeing that house empty without us in it was sure sad. I loved that house and we made so many good memories in it.  Then I had a dentist appointment.  Then, stopped by Augusta Rd Greenville First where I used to work to see my favorite, Karen!  And of course the other girls there I loved seeing.  So stayed there a good while, and we were cracking up when Brenda got there! Karen and I were going back and forth between her office and Brenda's! Then, ran by some stores, then home for the sun for 30 minutes. Pivotal Fitness for my favorite class there, Body Pump, with my favorite teacher, Juli!  She makes that class so fun I love it.  She worked us out hard too! And they had changed the class to only 45 minutes, and she still worked us hard!  I felt so special at the gym running into all these people I used to see weekly.  I LOVED being at the gym and knowing people and talking to them.  I JUST LOVED IT.  I have really been enjoying Atlanta lateley too, but boy was it great being in my old stompin grounds! 
  Thursday night, I had my besties over for dinner at my parents.  And the fun continued.  We literally laughed so are there to prove it.  We had an old box of notes between me and Ashley too, so that was funny to look back through. 
  Friday, woke up, took one last great walk in WG....then to Laurens with my mom to see my grandmother.  Mama was a little on the crazy side during our visit, thinks she lives in several rooms at her assisted living place....but we took her out with us to shop for a bit.  Then brought her back and it was so sad leaving her, b/c she says she is so lonely...and I get that with Tim being gone!
    Then, my parents and I headed back to Atlanta at about 6....that is THE time to drive back was smooth, no traffic, and we got home about hungry, so ate and watched the Kennedy's from the night before.  Saturday I had to work! But when I got off, my mom and I went to Scott's Antique Market that I'd heard so much was very cool and big! then we stopped by Ikea and got cool stuff for our porch and came home and decorated it! I LOVE it. ....I plan to sit out there a lot.  I can't wait to have cocktail hour with Tim out there. My parents and I sat out there late Saturday night with wine and we had the candles going! It was so nice outside with a little breeze.
  This am, went to church with my parents.  Then to lunch at the Viatmanese place, then Goodwill for shopping. I got a great chair for our room too.  Then my mom and I layed out in the sun.
  Great weekend.  See pictures below.

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