Saturday, April 2, 2011

my wine cups

a little post about my wine cups. I thought about this last night as we were hanging out with our small group.  I took my wine in a cup from home, like anyone who knows me well knows I do, and they offered me a wine glass at their house, and asked again are you sure you're ok with that cup?  Ha ha, but yes, infact I am perfectly content with my cups!  So I will post a picture below for you to enjoy.  And I will tell you about my cups.  And I love to pick different ones to use for different days, occasions, reasons, outfits, etc!
Left to right:
1.Black, new one I just got at Target b/c I thought it would be perfect if I was trying to conceal what was in my cup! And it just had a dressier look to it. 
2.The one right in front of that, clear with florals...that is the original. This is what did it for me and I got hooked.  I got this at Target on sale, and thought Chardonnay in the spring/summer would look so good in this cup. And I was right! It's perfect.  Last night I used it for red wine, but was feeling spring like. 
3. This one is kind of hidden behind #2, not on purpose....colorful flowers and clear cup...given to me by my best friend, Ashley.  Because she knows me! She knows I loved different little cups to travel with my wine.  She gave this to me for my birthday last year.  I love it. And especially b/c it makes me think she knows me!
4. Give Thanks cup.  It says that incase you can't read it.  I got this at Swoozie's last year around Thanksgiving to be my Thanksgiving cup.  The great thing about having a cup is you don't get your wine confused with anyone's!  And the brown on this cup goes with all fall I will love having it for more fall events this year. 
5. This is my "Castaways" cup---this is a group of girls from Greenville First that got together and called themselves the Castaways, our get togethers would have wine and gossip (bad, I know)and food...good times.  So I got them this cup too right before I moved. It says "I'd quit drinking, but I'm no quitter!" And has this old hag like woman on the cup!  I use this a lot, and most of the time when I use it, I feel kind of like I want a drink and I look and feel like a hag. hahah
6.  The "B" cup, got this around Christmas at Swoozie's, so it became my Christmas and winter cup and will now continue to be that. It's like perfume I used in certain seasons, and then they forever go with that season..same with my cups. 
7.  The pink hottie cup. It says "It's wine o'clock"!  My other great friend, Ashley Young, gave me this cup before we moved, b/c she knew me! I always came to supper club with my wine in a cup, so she knew I'd love one.  I use this one when I am feeling especially sassy or feel like I need some color to go with an outfit.  And it always makes me happy to think of Ashley!  And oh how I miss our supper clubs!

More on our great small group get together Friday night!
oh yea, and one thing to add to Deb's highlight:  she loves Jimmy Buffett!!!! she's in with me!  And to quote her, she said " jImmy Buffett saved me!"  I know, sounds bad b/c Jesus saves us, and Deb believes that too, but Jimmy's music can lift a spirit that's for sure!

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  1. that picture of all of those cups just made me laugh out loud!!!