Tuesday, March 29, 2011

  Lots has happened..it seems like forever since I last wrote.  Tim left Thursday to go to Charleston to Coleman's bachelor party. I went to small group dinner at K Cafe, worked Friday, then girls night with small group girls.  Worked Saturday, and at least the positive here was it was a rainy, dreary day...so great day to get up and go to work then come home and nap! Tim came home Saturday around 3 and we napped together!  Then, went to Amy and Alan in small group's house for appetizers, then to dinner at Robinhood Tavern in Cumming. We liked the food. I had a BIG burger and it was good!
   Sunday, we went to North Point, and enjoyed the sermon and singing.  We say "It is well with my soul"---and oh was it good. And I just felt that is what my song in my heart needs to be right now....in the happy times of moving and in the harder times...it is WELL with my soul. Praise the Lord, oh my soul.  May we never forget his benefits towards us. 
   Sunday afternoon, we rented 2 movies!  First, we watched The Switch with Jennifer Aniston--loved it! Then went to the gym, and came back with Applebee's and watched Morning Glory, and loved it too. 
    Last night, another MOnday night dinner...makes MOndays so so much better.  We met up with Ashley and Rob, and other friends from group--Esther and Paul.  We went to a viatmanese place right near our apartment.  It was very good.  I got the vegetable stir fry...it had tofu in it! I had never really had tofu, and I enjoyed it.  The whole meal was very filling, but didn't seem so unhealthy and make me feel all bloated.
    Here are pics from the weekend.  Then I will highlight 2 people from our small group.  And will highlight others later.
6 different kinds of ice cream!

 HIghlight:  Deb.  Deb is a very cool lady.  She is married to Ken.  Apparently, they live in an awesome house with a wine cellar that Ken built.  Wow.  Deb would probably kill me, but this is one of my favorite things about her...she is 51!  And so young seeming and cool and loves God.  I loved this picture because she is drinking a Corona.  I like that b/c 1. it is good beer, and 2. for girls night there were to be margaritas, and I packed my own wine and beer, and so did Deb.  Her stories are so neat.  She calls herself "vintage" and I Love it!  Her clothes are very in style and sometimes hippie like, sometimes not.  She is always nice and remembers to ask about me...like when I started my new job. She loves dogs.  She likes hiking and wine.  These are things I know about her that I like. 
the boys in Folly Beach

the gator Tim saw while golfing

 Highlight 2: Amy.  Amy is married to Alan.  We have hung out twice.  We had  green beer with them on St Patrick's Day and Sat. we did apps and supper with them. They are from Ohio, and have been here in Atlanta 6 years.  Amy would also kill me, but she is 31! I love it.  She and Alan really enjoy running half marathons, and now they are training for a full.  Way to go them.  This is her kitchen, it is gorgeous.  They did it themselves!!!! She works at Lowes in Human resources...but I think working there got to her! :)  But, they have 2 dogs that are definitely like their children. Picture of one below.  I love Amy and Alan b/c I think they have a great love and friendship between the 2 of them.  You can just tell it being with them...Amy had to work Sat. am and Alan got up to iron her shirt before she had to go to work...mind you it was a Sat. and alan didn't have to work...that is nice!  That is something Tim would do for me, so that makes me really like them.  I love that they are from the upper Midwest.  They are cooler b/c of that.  They say Tim and I have accents! They are also cool b/c they drink just like we do--a glass of wine or beer and in moderation, but likes to have a good time. 
 This is Amy and Alan's dog/child, Riley.  This is seriously his blanket! They said he carries it around with him all the time, just like a child does!!! It was the cutest and most unique thing I have ever seen a dog do! 
Sunday morning before church with my new Starbucks Atlanta mug.  I love this mug.

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