Friday, March 18, 2011

happy late St Patrick's Day

What a great St Patrick's Day!  I was off and never even wore green!  I woke up leisurely, had coffee and breakfast, shopped a bit, then got to the gym for 12:00 Barbell Strength.  Then I met 2 girls from small group for lunch at Chiptole.  I loved getting to have lunch with girls leisurely in the middle of the week. And I have never been to Chiptole, and have been meaning to go for 2 years!  And it was soooo goood.....Tim will have to go very soon!  I had the burrito bowl--filled with rice with lime and cilantro (the best), black beans, salsa, chicken, roasted corn, sour cream, and cheese...OH MY.  And it didn't feel too heavy, it was just perfect. was beautiful and sunny--I was driving with the windows down all day with Jimmy Buffett playing--dreaming of Floridays!  So, got home and went to the pool!!!! And got to lay out in the sun for an hour and half!!It was great! 
   Then, fixed my brownies for small group and made supper before we had to go....I tried to be creative, but it ended up just being a green dot.  Small group was great, continuing to make relationships...relationships that I am looking forward to growing.  Then we went out with 2 people -Amy and Alan from Ohio--for some green beer!!!  Enjoy the ST Pattie's Day pics!  Tim is running in a half marathon with his dad in Seneca tomorrow...go team Reynolds!

I am not drunk here...Tim was just too close with the flash. 

Reynolds Family pre marathon day. Before our lasagna supper.

basically, I liked my outfit.

Team Reynolds for the run

The girls...aka race day cheerleaders! with our coffee!

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