Sunday, March 6, 2011

goood weekend

What a great weekend!!! For starters, I was off SAturday!! woooohooooo.... So Friday after work, we headed to Seneca to go out in Clemson with Jacob and Kristen, and some other really good friends from Seneca. We had a good time being together.  We were together to celebrate Jacob's 30th birthday! I love to kid him that he is old, and that he needs a walker! And he is so so funny the way he comes up with jokes about it.
  Saturday, woke up and enjoyed coffee with Tim's parents, then headed to the lake to spend the night with Tim's sister, Liz and her boyfriend George.  We had a GREAT time, it was just really good relational time. We had the TV on for the Clemson basketball game while we ate lunch, and that was it! We sat on the porch with the drizzling rain all afternoon---from about 2 until about 8 when we ate dinner!  We just talked and enjoyed some cocktails and appetizers that started around 5, and then another round of apps at 6--George cooked duck!  It was good!  George is the master griller and marinater!   We were really looking forward to supper he was cooking because of that!  So supper we had grilled steaks with bleu cheese, and Liz made macaroni and cheese and salad! Then we played cards---how fun --interacting and not watching TV, I was so impressed with us!  We had a good time too. Then woke up this morning, had a big breakfast, and incase you were wondering what I cooked, this is what I cooked.  haha. Then left the lake in the POURING RAIN, stopped by Greenville to get nail polish at Ulta that I couldn't find in Atlanta, stopped by Belk b/c I needed a new bra--and ran into good friends Ashley and Lucas! And it was Ashley's birthday!!! So glad I got to see her today!  Happy Birthday Ashley, and Tim's aunt Sherry! And tomorrow my Uncle Hal!  Lots of love to all!  Have a great week! enjoy the photos of our weekend!

 I love this of Jacob and Tim laughing and telling old stories. 

 This is the duck George cooked!  Some were wrapped in bacon.
 OUr steaks!!! right before they went on the grill!

Is everyone aware Jennifer Aniston cut her hair????? I love it! And I am probably going to copy it!


  1. I thought about the minute I saw she cut her hair! I think yours would look good like that. Glad yall had a good visit this weekend. Hope you can have a good visit with me soon! Love you.

  2. I meant I thought about YOU when I saw her hair