Tuesday, March 22, 2011

new hair for spring

Got my hair cut Saturday.  It is much shorter than it was supposed to be...but I am dealing and getting used to it.  Tim loves it--that is great! He makes me feel confident.  He says I'm hot with it short and he likes it even better than long!  What a great husband I have, such freedom.  So here's a few pics.  The one on the stairs I wanted Tim to take b/c it reminded me  of a good memory.  When we were dating, and both at Clemson, but Tim lived at home his last semester...we hung out in Seneca at his parents all the time!  We had the whole upstairs to ourselves all the time, and Gloria cooked supper..great times.  And Sundays we would go to church in Seneca, eat lunch there, and go upstairs to nap on the couches in the den with a movie on---and on the way up those stairs, Tim would act kind of like a monster about to get me!  And he did it Sunday, and I thought of our good playful times.

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