Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good, fast , too fast weekend.

Thursday night, the weekend kind of starts in my head because we have small group.  I look forward to this and seeing everyone that I am getting a little closer to each time I see them.  And if anyone knows me, they know I go to bed at 10, pretty much on the dot….but every week for small group, we don’t even leave their house until after 10, then drive home, get ready for bed, wind down a little with a book….so bed at about 11ish…whew! That must mean I am having fun when I am there! But I am feeling like it’s worth it to form some friendships.  And right when we were getting ready to leave, we made plans to have “cocktail hour” at one of the couple’s houses Friday---so it was 4 couples that were going to come, and everyone was to bring their drink and an appetizer to share. 
Friday, I worked until 3:30—got home and Tim and I did our exercise as a hike. The same one we did with the Eager’s a few weeks ago, but we loved it-and it isn’t too far away or too long for a late afternoon hike.  Then, ran home, cooked our corn dip….went to Ron and Theresa’s….good time there getting to know everyone more and enjoying some wine with other Christians—one of my very favorite things in lifeJ.
Saturday morning, I had to work.  Of course, I didn’t love that…but such is life right now.  Every other Saturday.  So got off 1, of course takes forever to close up, walked out of the bank 1:44, got home threw things in a bag and headed to Greenville—we were in the car going at 2:17, pretty good I thought.  We got Starbuck’s on the way out of town!!! To get ready for a fun party night—to get energy and become a coai—as my dear friend Chesley says( it sounds bad, but everytime I’d have coffee at lunch and come back all talkative and excited at work, she’d call me a cracked out aerobics instructor. )  Got to Greenville pretty much just in time to put on clothes and head to Ben and Melissa’s to pre party. They live in Moore, right across from where the party was…so went there-good to see everyone and Ben and Melissa just had a baby recently—they seem so happy and In love with this child..good for them! Then went to the shower/party really for Hal Harrison and his fianc√© Amanda.  FUN, FUN party---stayed there til 11:30ish, maybe 11---then went to Adrienne and Hootie’s to sit in their very cool backyard around their heater until 1:30!  And it was spring forward! I was so tired this morning when I had to get up for church.  I was trying to back out BUT if you party too much on Sunday, it’s your decision, you still got to get up for church.  Just make that a rule for yourself.  Stinks sometimes.  But I had such a great time at Adrienne’s –talking to her and getting some girl time, while Tim was really enjoying the boys!  Bear, Hootie, and Reid came over!
Sunday, church for some seriously good Ralph Carter.  A man who genuinely loves the Lord.  Then my mom made southwestern chicken chili for lunch-yum.  Then we all went to ride our bikes on the Swamp Rabbit in downtown Greenville.  We got there and my mom’s bike tire was flat! So she had to walk around downtown while we rode…so we didn’t go too far.  But it was still perfectly exhilarating to be out ther e in the breeze and sunshine riding and exercising.  Then we got home and I was dying to take a walk in Wellington Green(my fav. Place to walk, and the bridge has been out for months being repaired)—so nice Tim let me really quick! I took Bailey to let her get some exercise since she couldn’t ride bikes with us…we walked about 25 minutes! Felt great! I needed exercise after last night’s partying and eating good! 

Driving back to the ATL now and LOVING  that I am doing this in the car with our very cool portable Verizon internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Enjoy the pics.

all the boys at the Smith pre party
my Starbucks i got Sat.....loved the green wrap around paper.
pre party at the Smith's the girls
hanging out at the Solebee's backyard, great yard
Adrienne and Hootie
getting our bikes ready!

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