Monday, February 28, 2011

Our hike with new friends was great! I was so excited when we got home last night, and then also had a good phone conversation with my friend, Katy, in Greenville...good end to the day. 
  We did this great hike, it was hard at the same time as fun, and a great view at the top.  It was Sawnee Mountain Preserve.  And as we were hiking it was just cool, I walked by the wife, and Tim walked by the husband of the couple we were with--so good opportunity for good conversation. We both decided we really like this couple, one of the coolest things about them is they are just perfectly confident on where they are in life, at least that is how they seem.  They don't have children, and it is just something they want/feel that God has in their plan, and I think that is neat.  And the guy is an author!  I actually saw him speak when I was in college.  He wrote a book called Dating with passion (or something like that!! ooops!)---his name is Rob Eager.  Her's is Ashley.  Very cool couple. Then we ate dinner at this cuban restaurant in our apartment complex area, and it was pretty good. We sat outside, and it got chilly at the end when the wind started picking up, but for the most part it was really nice sitting outside, welcoming Spring! 
  Here are some pictures to enjoy of our hike.  And see our friends!
 At this point, we were going pretty up hill, so very glad to take a breath and take a picture! haha

 And there were tons of farmhouses down there, and we passed them driving home, so I plan to go back and photograph them!!!!  happy monday! weather here was monday like, dark and rainy! blah.  Looking forward to the weekend, going to the lake with Tim's sister, Liz and her boyfriend. 

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  1. thanks- i just noticed the shout-out, blaire! ;)