Thursday, February 3, 2011

   So, found a picture of Robert Earl Keen performing from 2009.  It was on Tim's phone, so I touched it up a little! I love it! And I LOVE his face in this picture, it is just so him smiling and singing. And, it gets me so excited to see Pat Green--we are going to see him at Buckhead Theatre Feb. 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Funnnn! 
   Also this picture of REK is at the Handlebar, which is by far my favorite place to see him.  Of course I have only seen him there and at the Blind Horse Saloon, but didn't enjoy  him at Blind Horse nearly as much as the times before at the Handlebar. 
    Tonight is our first Small group meeting with our new group from North Point Church! I am so excited, and nervous. But really ready to have some friends here and some kind of a group and sense of belonging within that group! And we are having tacos! Yum...and I am bringing dessert! It is Kris's recipe of Brownie Triffle! I should make this more often, it is easy, and so delicious! And looks pretty too when you put it in some kind of clear dish or triffle dish.
   To make Brownie Triffle: make box of brownies, can be your choice, but fudgy is best!
                                          make 2 small boxes of chocolate pudding, set in fridge
                                          container whip cream
                                          Heath bar bits(or could really put anything here!)

         Crumble brownies in bottom of dish, then layer of chocolate pudding, then whip cream, then heath bar bits. Repeat layers once more. Put in fridge for at least 4 hours to chill, but if you do it the night before, works great to just put in fridge overnight.
     Ok, now you can see my 2 variations of REK---and pick your favorite if you like!


  1. i will have to try kris' recipe, that sounds delicious and i have a trifle bowl i never use. hope your small group goes well!