Saturday, February 26, 2011

recap of week/weekend

It's been a good, long feeling week.  Started at BB&T, at my branch, which is VERY busy. Which is a good thing, the day goes by really fast.  And, good thing b/c it makes my day feel fulfilling.  BUT, also makes me tired! I had to work today too--Saturday---BOOO!  And I was supposed to be off at 1, and we didn't get out of there until 2, big time boo.....SO, my sweet Tim, who had already run 12 miles this am, took me for a hike, to get fresh air and sunshine on my face.
  We went to Kennesaw Mountain again, but this time did a cool hike that overlooks Atlanta, cool views.  And it was pretty much all up hill at first, then you get to the top and go down hill, so great workout. But, I depleted that by eating so much pizza we got tonight!! BUt it sure was good! 
   Tomorrow we have plans to go to church, eat leftovers for lunch, and then hike with a couple in our small group! Really excited about that.  Hope it goes well and we can really connect.
  Also, we get a new dryer tomorrow, so I can wash clothes again!  It's funny too b/c I just very recently wrote I was thankful for being able to just wash a small load of just whites, and haha, right after that, my dryer broke! But Tim has taken care of it, and has another one coming! Woooohooo...
 Friday night before dinner at Abbott's Bar & Grill, very close to us! good food.

 The skyline you could see on our hike. 

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