Friday, February 4, 2011


I LOVE outfits. I dream about outfits when waiting at a redlight, laying in the tanning bed, or trying to fall asleep.  So, there is a blog I just found out about  and you should check it out!  This girl takes a picture everyday of her outfit and tells you how to get it at normal stores and pretty normal prices.  So...I love taking a picture before we go just about anywhere, and most of the time it is just so I can have a record of my outfits.  These are outfits that I like, you don't have to like them. I am not in style or cool, but just like some of the things I wear. So, I might post some from time to time. Here are some recents, since I found this girl's blog and felt that was permission for me to do this!!
 Ok, this one:  Target jeans that are actually more capri's, I just tucked them in my boots, Sweater from Target...will be great for spring/early summer when it might be chilly. And the black shirt, a girl at work gave me!! And I love it and it fit perfectly!
 This I wore to our small group. And I loved it.  SAme jeans and boots, and I have worn this wrap many times (my aunt gave it to my mom for Christmas and I loved it so much, I stole it!) --but this time I put a belt around it.  Loved that touch.
I wore this today to work! I love, love this dress and haven't gotten to wear it that much.  I got it at the Upstate Women's show in August in Greenville.  I saw this girl walking around in it and told my mom I have got to get that dress. So, the Safe Harbor Resale shop did a fashion show and the girl wore this in it!! It was donated by a boutique like store, Euphoria, and I got it there at the show for only $20!!!! So very fun dress and want to wear it to a Clemson game next year...meant to this year.

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