Sunday, April 3, 2011


Left to Right: Deb, me, Beth, Amanda, Teresa, Ashley

 highlight: Beth.  Beth is married to Pete.  They live in Norcross right near the bank location I'm located. Beth is from Athens, GA.  She is the nicest girl.  She always asks genuinely how work is, how things are, etc.  And she is helping to make plans with me this week while Tim is gone, Pete is gone too.  Beth grew up on a farm.  She and her family grew up going to Jekyl (sp?) Island for vacation every summer. I look forward to talking to her each week.  I like her outfit in this picture too, reminds me of Ann Taylor Loft and spring time!  Beth is in school to be a nurse, which she will be great at with her caring heart and intelligence.  I have truly enjoyed getting to know her.
one of the boys! Tim, Ron, the back Frank and Ken

 Hiking at Blood Mountain near Blairsville! Love that name! hahah...except you need the "e" on there!

to a new week! here we go!

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